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Dont put her against helping me, he pleaded. I said I would not influence her at all, and then he asked me when I was returning, so that he could meet me and hear what had been said. I told him I would cross by Boulogne on Sunday.

I do not understand, he replied. To what bet are you referring?

How does he live?

Come in, monsieur, said the other. I have an appointment in another part of Paris shortly, but I can give you ten minutes. He led the way into his private room and waved his visitor to a chair.

This business is too much for me, he said. I wish to heaven I was out of it.

He pointed to the chair Boirac had occupied and which now lay on its side on the floor. Fastened to the left arm was another end of gut which also entered a hole in the floor.

Pretty conclusive. It is evident that the forger did not know either your managing directors or your clerks initials. His knowledge was confined to the name Avery, and from your statement we can conceive Felix having just that amount of information.

The dinner was an important social affair, the Spanish Ambassador being the principal guest. Before it was over M. Boirac was called from the house, owing to an accident having taken place at his works. He apologised for leaving, promising to return speedily, but after a time a telephone message came to say the accident had been more serious than he had supposed, and he would be detained till very late or even all night. The guests began to leave about eleven, but, in obedience to a sign from Annette, I remained till all had gone. Then she told me she had received a letter from Bonchose which had much upset her. She did not mind his having got into difficultiesindeed, she thought a fright would do him good; but she was really troubled lest he might become a confirmed gambler. She wished for my candid opinion of him.

He is an artist. He designs for some poster firm in the City, and he draws for the better-class magazines. I do not know if he has private means, but he seems to do well enough.

The first is the watcher in the lane. That was almost certainly the man who walked twice up your drive. I told you I found his footmarks at three points along it. One was near your little gate, close beside and pointing to the hedge, showing he was standing there. That was at the very point my man saw the watcher.

Taking his pistol, he fired a number of shots on the bolt of the lock.

Can you describe him?

Is that it, Palmer? asked Burnley.

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I am afraid, M. Boirac, at the risk of giving you pain, I must ask you to be good enough to tell us all you can about the circumstances of your wifes disappearance. These gentlemen are Mr. Burnley of the London police, and M. Lefarge of our own staff, and they are collaborating in the matter. You may speak before them with complete freedom.

2023-06-01 18:08:33 [柳州市网友]

The great man was getting ready to go home, but decided to wait on seeing the Inspector. He greeted Felix politely.

2023-06-01 18:08:33 [南京市网友]

Perhaps it was, monsieur, I am not certain; though I rather think it was Monday.

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Well, I am greatly obliged for what you have told me, any way. Just one other question. What was in the cask?

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If Mlle. loise Lambert, stenographer and typist, will apply to M. Georges La Touche, H?tel Suisse, rue de La Fayette, she will hear something to her advantage.

2023-06-01 18:08:33 [巴彦淖尔市网友]

Can you remember the Wednesday of that week? I suppose you were at St. Malo at ten oclock?

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The truth is, in my opinion, that we have not yet sufficient information to come to a conclusion, and I fear it will take a lot of work to get it. Firstly, we must definitely prove the authorship of that letter about the lottery and the bet. And here, it seems to me, the tracing of that typewriter is essential. This should not be so difficult, as I think we may take it that the author used the typewriter himself. Therefore, only machines to which the possible writers could have had access need be examined. I will send a man to-morrow to get samples from all the machines Boirac could have used, and if that produces nothing, he can do the same in connection with Le Gautier, Dumarchez, and the other gentlemen whose names we have. I presume, Mr. Burnley, your people will take similar action with regard to Felix?

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Then he set off to walk to the Town Station to catch the next train for London.