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Now, perhaps, youll believe theres something in it!

The wrong side of the world, say I the under side.

Even more disturbing was the visit of Mrs. Henry which followed. Here, he could not but share Marys apprehensions lest something untoward should happen which might give servants or acquaintances an inkling of how matters stood. As for poor Mary, she grew quite pale and peaked with the strain; hardly dared let Agnes out of her sight. At dinner-parties and the best people had to be asked to meet the wife of so important a personage as Mr. Henry her eye followed the decanters their rounds with an anxiety painful to see. (Between-times, she kept the chiffonier strictly locked.) During this visit, too, the servants made difficulties by refusing to wait on the strange nursemaids, who gave themselves airs; while, to cap all, a pair of the rowdiest and worst-behaved children ever born romped in the passage, or trampled the flower-beds in the garden. No walls were thick enough to keep out their noise; any more than the fact of being in a strangers house could improve their manners. The walls were also powerless against Zaras high-pitched, querulous voice, or the good Ebenezers fits of coughing, which shook the unfortunate man till his very bones seemed to rattle. Later on, for variety, they had the shrill screaming of Amelia Grindles sick babe (with Mary up and down at night, preparing bottles); had Neds children to be tamed and taught to blow their noses; pretty Fanny tumbling into faints half a dozen times a day. Of course, there was no earthly reason why all these good people should not make his home theirs oh dear no! If Jerry got a fortnights holiday, what more natural than that he should choose to spend it in his sisters comfortable, well-appointed house, rather than in his own poky weatherboard? If Mrs. Devine wanted to take sea-air (And, really, Richard, one HAS to remember how extraordinarily kind she was to us on landing), the least one could do was to beg her to exchange Toorak for Brighton-on-Beach. Only the fact of Johns house being but a paltry half-hours walk distant, and the ozone both families breathed of the same brand, saved them from having John and Lizzie quartered on them as well.

Said she: Oh, I DID think this time, Tilly, he would be content; when hed got everything he could possibly wish for. It was a different matter him leaving Ballarat and I couldnt blame him myself for not wanting to settle permanently in England. But here . . . our nice house . . . his library . . . the garden . . . And the stupid part of it is I know hell regret it . . . tire of being on the move long before we can get back into the house. Im making up my mind to THAT, before I start.

What he did not mention to Mary was the impression he saw he left Bealby under, that lack of success had been the reason of his quitting Australia. Were he only more skilled at blowing his own trumpet! Actually the old fool seemed to think he, Mahony, would be bettering himself by settling in Leicester!

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Emmy . . . your poor, dear father my darling, I look to you to be brave and help me he will need all our help now.

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Come, Lisby, said Mother, the kettles boiling its head off. Richard, my dear, draw up your chair; you must be cold and famished. Nay, Mary, Ill not let you go home. Were going to drink a cosy cup together. And afterwards Richard shall tell us more adventures of the early days. Ive looked forward to it all the afternoon. Its as good as any book.

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And it is so important, is it not, that the ear should be well trained from the first? The spadework done before the child is even aware of it. (Here spoke your true musician.) But, doctor, if our findings are correct, you may still have the joy of watching over your little brood from the other side . . . NEST-CE-PAS?

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And Bellvy Castle, pray? what of Bellvy Castle? Has still no groom come riding post-haste to summon you?

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Jopson, who was a short man of enormous bulk, had been accommodated with a chair, after his drag uphill. He rose at Mahonys approach, but continued to ease his weight against the doorpost.

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Again a beautiful city like Munich was ruined for him, by the all-pervading smell of malt from its many breweries. The whole time they were there he went about with his nose in the air, sniffing; and he never ceased to grumble. Next, as the Tyrolese mountains were so close, they took train and went in among them; but this didnt suit him either. The nearness of these drear, dark masses wakened in him, he said, an overpowering sense of oppression; made him feel as if he MUST climb them; get to their summits in order to be able to breathe. One moment abjuring heights, another hankering after them! . . . who could keep pace with such inconsistencies?