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The chase led down to the Grands Boulevards to Bellinis in the Avenue de lOpera. Here Boirac entered, followed by his shadower.

The information I want is this. Can you put me in touch with this young lady? Do you know her address?

Captain MNabb was a big, rawboned Ulsterman, with a hooked nose and sandy hair. He was engaged in writing up some notes in his cabin.

Mr. Felix hesitated.

Further questions showed that both men were convinced the hand was real, though neither could advance any grounds for their belief other than that he knew from the look of it. The Inspector was not satisfied that their opinion was correct, though he thought it probable. He also noted the possibility of the cask containing a hand only or perhaps an arm, and it passed through his mind that such a thing might be backed by a medical student as a somewhat gruesome practical joke. Then he turned to Harkness again.

There was nothing suspicious about it. It bore the label of a well-known and reputable firm, and was invoiced as well as stencilled, Statuary only. It was a receptacle obviously suitable for transporting such goods, and its weight was also in accordance. Unless in the event of some suspicious circumstance, cases of this kind are seldom opened.

The head clerk approached with a letter in his hand.

The manager was absent for a few moments, returning with a tall young man in the uniform of a porter.

Did you write or wire to Le Gautier?

He stepped into the adjoining bedroom and closed the door. Then taking a sample of Boiracs writing from his pocket-book, he compared the signature with that of the testimonial. After a careful scrutiny he was satisfied the latter was genuine. He returned to the girl and handed her the document.

For answer Lefarge held out the sheet which Felix had given to Burnley during their midnight conversation at the villa of St. Malo. As M. Le Gautier read it the look of wonder on his expressive face deepened.

And then suddenly he saw it. What could be more obvious than to go by an earlier train and to break the journey at Calais? How would this time table work?

He was a man of about middle height, rather slightly and elegantly built. He was foreign-looking, French, I should say, or even Spanish, with dark eyes and complexion, and black hair. He wore a short, pointed beard. He was dressed in blue clothes of good quality, with a dark-green or brown Homburg hat, and black shoes with light spats. I did not observe his collar and tie specially, but he gave me the impression of being well-dressed in such matters of detail. He wore a ring with some kind of stone on the little finger of his left hand.

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So far so good. M. Boirac had then, beyond any doubt or question, telephoned about 2.45 on Tuesday and had instructed the butler to take his bag to the Gare du Nord, as he had said. Further, he had called there himself and got the bag. So much was certain. But the statement he made of his movements on Sunday and Monday, and the unpacking of the cask on Monday night still remained to be tested. Lefarge spoke again:

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When Burnley left Lefarge on the pier at Boulogne, he felt as if he was losing a well-tried friend. Not only had the Frenchman, by his kindliness and cheerful companionship, made Burnleys stay in the French capital a pleasant one, but his skill and judgment had been a real asset in the inquiry.

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You left here with the cask, I understand, about four oclock?

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First, I found your coach-house padlock had been forced with a lever. There was nothing of the kind lying about, therefore whatever theory we adopt must account for this levers production and disposal. It may quite likely bear marks corresponding to those on the padlock, which evidence might be valuable.

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I think if you could tell me just when she left it might help me. Could you do that?

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It was clear to me that I must get a precisely similar cask to return, and the only way I could do so would be to order another group, in the hope that it would be sent packed in the same way. But obviously I could not have this group sent to me. The idea then occurred to me that I must write in some imaginary name ordering the statue to be delivered at some place such as a station cloak-room, to be kept till called for. There I could get it without letting my identity become known.

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Heppenstall shrugged his shoulders.