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Chapter VII

But, my dear, with such a sum at our disposal, we shall be able to furnish our NEXT house ten times as well. Look here, Mary, I tell you what well do. Well bring every atom of stuff out with us, from London or Paris: the very newest of everything there wont be a house in the colony like it.

None the less, the sacrifice she was now called on to make was a bitter one, and cost her much heartburning: when she first grasped the KIND of change Richard was tentatively proposing, she burst into heated exclamation. What, break up their home again? . . . their lovely home? Leave all the things they had collected round them? Leave intimates and friends and their assured position? . . . to go off no one knew where . . . and where nobody knew them? Oh, he couldnt mean it! And what about the children? . . . still mere babies For though you talked till you were black in the face, Richard, you would never get me to leave them behind! and the drawbacks of ship-life for them at their tender age? . . . the upset in their habits . . . not to speak of having to watch them grow spoilt and fractious: winding up with her dread of the sea, his antipathy to England and English life.

Chapter III

But with the crash came also the chance of revenge. Then it was Emmys turn; and she could say in all good faith: Oh, DONT let her dont let . . . Mamma go in to him, Aunt Mary! She worries him so. As always, there was just the suspicion of a pause a kind of intake of the breath before she got the Mamma out; a name here bestowed for the third time, and only after a severe inward struggle, because HE had wished it.

This ran:

Chapter VIII

Than queening it at balls, she felt more in her element seated in a rather dingily furnished drawing-room, holding poor Agnes Ococks hand. Although it had struck five and the worst heat of the day was over, Agnes was still in her bedgown she had been lying down with the headache, she said nor could Mary persuade her to exchange this for bonnet and shawl, and drive out with her in the brougham that stood at the door.

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It was not the physical discomforts alone that defeated him. The fancies he went in for, as soon as he set foot on foreign soil, made his life a misery to him. In Paris, for instance, he was seized by a nervous fear of the street traffic; actually felt afraid he was going to be run over. If he had to cross one of the vast squares, over which vehicles dashed from all directions, he would stand and hesitate on the kerb, looking from side to side, unable to resolve to take the plunge; and wasnt he angry with her, if she tried to make a dash for it! His own fears rendered him fussy about Cuffy and the maids safety, too. He wouldnt hear of them going out alone; and insisted every morning on shepherding them to their walk in the Public Gardens. If he was prevented, they must drive there in a FIACRE. Which all helped to make the stay in Paris both troublesome and costly. Then there was that time in Strasbourg, when they set out to climb the tower of the cathedral. It was certainly a bad day to choose, for it had rained in the night and afterwards frozen over, and even the streets were slippery. But Richard was bent on seeing the Rhine, and the Vosges, and the Black Forest from the top of the steeple; so up they went. As far as the platform, it was plain sailing. But on the tower proper, when they were mounting the innumerable stone steps all glassy with ice, and very tricky to keep a footing on which led to the spire, he turned pale, and confessed to giddiness . . . it was true you looked through the wide-open stonework right down to the street below, where people crawled like ants. And after another bend in the stair, he clinging fast to the iron hand-rail, he had ignominiously to give in and descend again: backwards, too! I felt I should either fall through one of the openings or throw myself out. Great heights are evidently not for me.

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The good ship FLORABELLA, eighty-four days out from Liverpool, made the Australian coast early one spring morning; and therewith the faint, new, spicy smell of land wafted across the water.