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Again, it wormed in her that he was not a friendly or a trusting child one of those who indiscriminately hold out their arms, or present a cheek. Cuffy would not go to strangers or always give his kiss when bidden. Nor was he generous; he did not willingly share his toys, or his picture-books, or his lollipops. The things that belonged to him belonged absolutely. Really, he seemed to look upon them as bits of himself, and hence not to be parted with. His favourite animals horse and elephant might be touched by no one. Was there a childrens party in the nursery special playthings had to be provided, or only those used that were the Dumplings property. To Mary, bound by but gossamer threads to all things material, her little sons attitude was something of a mystery; and many a time did she strive with him over the head of it. His inability to share with others stood to her for sheer selfishness. She trembled, too, lest the Dumplings should learn to copy him in this, and cease to be the open-hearted, open-handed little mortals they were. For they looked up to Cuffy with adoring eyes Cuffy who walked while they still drove; was present at dessert in the evening, while they were put to bed; wore knickerbockers instead of skirts. But, try as she might, by teaching and example, she could not influence the boy, let alone master him; while the usual nursery proceeding of making a childs naughty fit end with an expression of contrition shattered on Cuffys obstinacy. If he did not feel sorry, he would not say he was; and in the battle royal that ensued he generally came off victor. The fact was, in the dark-eyed mite she had now to deal with, Mary ran up against more than a dash of her own resolute spirit; and naturally enough failed to recognise it.

In regard to Cuffy, however, Nannans opinion was general: an awkward child to deal with. You never knew what fresh fad was going to get the whiphand of him. For instance his first fear, of Cousin Joseys suggesting that they would all be drowned, which had preyed on him during the voyage: this allayed, he was haunted by the dread of being lost, or at least overlooked like a bag or an umbrella in this great, strange, bewildering place. Even at the pantomime at Drury Lane, he suffered torments lest, when it was over, Nannan and Eliza should suddenly forget that he and the Dumplings were there and go home without them; and from the close of the first scene on, he inquired regularly every few minutes throughout the afternoon: Is this the end? till Nannans patience gave way, and she roundly declared that never would she bring him to a theatre again. It was the same at Madame Tussauds the same, plus an antipathy that amounted to a horror of all these waxen people with their fixed, glassy eyes; and a fantastic fear that he might be mistaken for one of them and locked in among them, did he not keep perpetually on the move. His hot little hand tugged mercilessly at Elizas baggy glove. Yes! more bother than half a dozen children put together. Just a walking bundle, said Nannan, of whims and crotchets.

And pray, doesnt the old tree get knobby and gnarled? . . . Take a hint from your mother, my dear for though, Mary, youve been so long away from me, I know my own flesh and blood as no one else can. Be glad, child, not sorry, if Richard has his little faults and failings even if you cant understand em. They help to bind him. For his roots in this world dont go deep, Mary. He doesnt set proper store on the prizes other men hanker after money and position and influence, and such like. She paused again, to add: Its a real misfortune, my dear, you have no children.

Yes, dear? Im coming. Why, Richard, whatever is wrong now? For with a despairing gesture Mahony had tossed his hat on the hall-table, and himself dropped heavily on a chair.

Now, Richard . . . when Tillys in town for the first time since her wedding. Certainly we have. Besides, I know youll be interested to see what marriage has done for Purdy.

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Indeed and I should like to know how? Mahony was huffed in a second.

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Trying to keep his Chinese Wall up to the end, said Mahony. His death like his life is to be nobodys business but his own. Well, well . . . as a man lives so he shall die!

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The only course I can see, is to get out of it. Ive made a big mistake, my dear, and the shortest and cheapest way in the end will be to admit it and tot up the balance. I could curse myself now, for not having taken your advice. Over hasty as always! The only excuse for me is, I honestly believed there was money to be made here. And was in a panic at the rate our funds were running away.

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Purdy capped her fiction. Is that all? Why, you lisped your first prayer at my knee.

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Good gracious no! The idea!